Kookaburra Red Quest
(Pictured at 14 months)

Sire: Clan Ranald Red Tarquin

Dam: Kookaburra Georgina

Ashleigh Luigi

(Pictured at 5 years old)

Sire: Apriash Fahrenheit

Dam: Ashleigh Beatrice

Luigi is a moderately framed bull with great length, perfectly laid in shoulders, and neat feet. Luigi has bred exceptionally well in our stud, with many of his sons and daughters now breeding exceptionally well. 

Ashleigh Esquire

(Pictured at 3 years old)

Sire: Ashleigh Aspen

Dam: Ashleigh Yvette


Esquire was a tall and big framed bull who had well laid in shoulders, tracked well, and passed on these traits to his progeny.

The breeder of Esquire considers him to be one of the finest bulls he has bred, which we think is quite the rap given Esquire came from a line of champion animals from one of the premier studs in the country.